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Mortar with Dog Dragon Grips

GRANDE MORTAIO (3)Reproduction of a flared bronze mortar, with two grips, one in the shape of a dragon’s head and one of a dog’s head, with a very wide internal rim.
The relatively narrow upper portion bears the inscription: PER MARCO. PALLASTRO. ADDI. PRIMO. DAGUSTV. MCCCX IULIV. II. AVE.

The stippling consists of a flower with 6 petals. The central portion, resting on a palmette frieze, displays 8 arcades separated by a small rooster repeated 8 times. On one side a large pastillage showing the Virgin seated facing forward, her hands joined and the Infant Jesus on her knees, in a tribolated arcade, surmounted by a 5-petal plant motif.

On either end a large rooster with a spike of grain. On the opposite side we have the same pastillage framed by an unknown abbreviation with the initials PMA.
Italy, beginning of the 16th century.

H. cm 28,5 Ø sup. cm 36,7 Ø inf. cm 25,5


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Mortar with Dog Dragon Grips
Mortar with Dog Dragon Grips
Mortar with Dog Dragon Grips



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