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Mortar with Dolphin Grips

RIPMORT5VE_700Reproduction of a bronze mortar, flared with narrowed base, with two dolphin-shaped vertical handles; internal rim; a double fillet decoration on the upper portion, and with three fillets marking out a principal area above which we find a laurel crown in two triple fillets.

On one side there is an insignia, probably of a cloister, with a double cross terminating in an arrow point facing upwards and framed by the letters CC. All of this is in a copper scroll framed by two cherubs on high and two arabesque fleurons between two columns surmounted by a cross motif with two acanthus half leaves.

On the other side we find the same columns and acanthus leaves in between which there is the inscription: ANNO DNI/ 1644, surmounted by the head of a cherub with broadly extended wings; below there is another cherub head between two pastillages. There is a beautiful medal patina.
ITALY, 17th century

Noticeably, the stamp identified here as from a “cloister”, might in fact be the workshop stamp of the founder or of the chemist who ordered this mortar and whose initials would be CC.

H. cm 19,3 Ø sup. cm 24,5 Ø inf. cm 16


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Mortar with Dolphin Grips
Mortar with Dolphin Grips
Mortar with Dolphin Grips



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