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Chess table with drawer door

IMG 27633 Table in antique oak with chess piece drawers and side slot for resting pieces during play. The table is hand made by local craftsman using oak beams aged for several hundred years. Each piece is treated with a blend of incense, myrrh, Chios mastic and organic alcohol to create an antique finish and protect the piece over time.

The table is entirely handmade with century old oak beams. The wood has been treated with a mixture of myrrh, frankincense, mastic of Chios and alchool, thus resulting unalterable.

The table has 2 drawers side, made inspired by some drawings. These drawings, many attribuited to Leonardo da Vinci, are located in the manuscript De ludo schacorum of Luca Pacioli.

Piero della Francesca and Luca Pacioli were citizens of Sansepolcro and collaborated on various artistic projects.

Luca Pacioli
, born in Sansepolcro, was the greatest economist of the Renaissance. It was a pupil of Piero della Francesca and Leonardo.
He studied mathematics in Florence and taught in Perugia, Venice, Florence, Milan and Rome.

The chess refers to the codex De Ludo schachorum, discovered by some years, that has aroused great interested.

Table Dimensions: cm 58 x 58 x 76H

The table does not include the Chess Pieces and Chessboard, sold separately on our e-shop. For additional information or inquiries contact our staff.


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Chess table with drawer door
Chess table with drawer door
Tavolo in rovere
Chess table with drawer door
Chess table with drawer door



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