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Dal 24 June 2007 - Al 02 September 2007 - Firenze

"Gli scacchi di Luca Pacioli. Evoluzione rinascimentale di un gioco matematico"

Scacchi Firenze2007
Aboca Museum brings Luca Pacioli's chess game to Florence.

Brother Luca Pacioli, born in Sansepolcro, close to Arezzo, around 1445, and passed away probably in 1517 in Rome, has been known as an eclectic mathematician of the Renaissance; introducing the use of double-entry in bookkeeping, has taught and explained to the people of his time how to play chess.

The treatise De Ludo Scachorum, written and illustrated by the Franciscan monk Luca Pacioli at the beginning of the XVI century, will be on display from 24 June to 2 September at the Drawing and Prints office of the Uffizi, in Florence, in an exhibition entitled:

Luca Pacioli's Chess game
The renaissance evolution of a mathematical game

The treatise, recently found at the Coronini Cronberg Foundation Library of Gorizia, in the context of a series of bibliographic searches, promoted and sponsored by Aboca Museum on famous and eminent figures of Sansepolcro, as Piero della Francesca and indeed Luca Pacioli, is explicitly dedicated to Isabella d'Este, Marquess of Mantua, and it comprises 96 illustrations. where 114 sections explain in detail the chess moves that, as the author himself says, are "cum illicitorum reprobatione", i.e. do not involve any cheating.

A work of great historical, cultural and technical value, which has produced two important works by Aboca Museum Editions:

- the first, a valuable facsimile that reproduces the original pages in its entirety
- the second, a commentary in which eminent experts in the field of paleography, linguistics and obviously of chess, endorse not only Pacioli as the author of the treatise, but also the extensive chess and mathematical knowledge of the author.
In addition to the original manuscript, the exhibition will be enriched by a series of valuable and very ancient chess pieces and chess boards from the X, XI and XII centuries, coming from Bargello Museum, and by other ancient manuscripts, kindly made available by the Riccardiana Library and by the National Library of Florence.

Particular importance is given to the cultural contact of Pacioli with Leon Battista Alberti, Piero della Francesca, Leonardo da Vinci and to the encounter with the patron Isabella d'Este, to which, as we said, the work is devoted. Indeed the close and culturally fruitful connection between Luca Pacioli and Piero della Francesca has lead us to display in this exhibition also the facsimile, also unpublished, curated by Aboca Museum Editions, of De prospectiva pingendi, the work in three volumes where Piero explains his concept of art and lays the theoretical and practical foundations on perspective.

In summary, a historical itinerary in the world of chess and beyond, highlighted by a series of reproductions of paintings from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Florence: Special Superintendence for the Museum network of Florence Drawing and Prints office of the Uffizi.

Opening ceremony: 23 June at 05:30 pm

Opening to the public from 24 June to 2 September
Opening times: from 08:15 am to 06:50 pm;

Closed on Monday

Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe degli Uffizi

Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, Firenze







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