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14 October 2011 - Castelsecco (AR)

"Etruschi. Il privilegio della bellezza"

Etruschi 250

Aboca is glad to participate in the opening of the Archaeological and Nature Park of San Cornelio - Castelsecco.

Aboca Museum will be present with the book:


Edited by:
S. Rafanelli, P. Spaziani

A true journey of the senses along the itinerary suggested by this book. A glance through the different ways Etruscans lived the ideal of beauty: this people raised the care for the body to eternal symbol of their undoubted and aristocratic charm.
Thermal places, perfumes, ointments, medicinal herbs, the cosmetic arts with their magic tools, all contribute to weaving the plot of a unique, mysterious and exciting story. And to tell it are the very objects that comprise the toiletries of an extraordinarily modern Etruscan woman: the silent images alone, after nearly three thousand years, are still able to reflect, in the golden background of a mirror, her pure and ineffable beauty.

Teopompo, in the CLIII chapter of his history, says that: "... amongst Tirrenian people, women are shared, they have a lot of care for their body and they go around naked, often amongst men and sometimes amongst each other, as being naked in public is not considered improper. They do not sit at the table by the husband, but close to the person who first arrives, and they toast to the health of whom they want. They are heavy drinkers and are very beautiful in their looks". (Ateneo, in "Deipnosophistae", XII, 517 d)

San Cornelio

Castelsecco - Arezzo







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