St. John’s miraculous herbs

Saturday 22 June 2019

St. John’s miraculous herbs

Afternoon of 22 June
Visit Aboca medicinal herb gardens to learn about organic rosemary and lavender cultivation, two plants that along with St. John's wort and rue, were used to prepare "St. John's Water", which was said to have many therapeutic benefits. After the tour of the exhibition is complete, the doors to experimentation will be thrown wide open in the museum's herbalist laboratory, where visitors will be invited to delve into the world of apothecaries and pharmacists, preparing a soothing, healing ointment.

Evening visit 22 June
The St. John's wort, rue and lavender on display at the Aboca Museum reveal the magical healing properties of the so-called "herbs of St. John" which, when gathered on the night of June 24th, the day of the summer solstice, were believed to cure many ailments.

COST: 17€ per adult - 12€ for children aged 6 and above