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Terra Vivente (Title not available)

Stephan Harding

Terra Vivente 250Animate Earth is the first book in the new series that Aboca is dedicating to the themes of ecology and the relationship between man and nature.

The book was originally published in 2006 in England by Green Books and offers a fascinating study of the system of bio-geological relations of the Earth.
Through a vision of the profound ecological system, the search for an intimate contact with the environment – not just mathematic and scientific, but above all intuitive and direct – Harding reveals the most hidden and complex mechanisms that determine the Earth's ability to regulate itself.

The principal aim of his research is to stimulate a new and deeper awareness of the need to interact with the environment from the inside, rejecting the sceptical approach of those who do not wish to change because they confuse the ineluctable destruction of the world with natural evolution and therefore abdicate all responsibility, condemning the next generations to a non-future.

Stephan Harding got his doctorate in Ecology at Oxford University. He teaches ecology and the Gaia theory at Schumacher College in Dartington Hall in England where he also coordinates the master's course in Holistic Science.
Among the many working relationships he has had with leading ecologists was his close collaboration with James Lovelock, the originator of the Gaia theory.



Dimensions cm. 14 x 21
Soft cover
Cover with leaflets
ISBN 978-88-95642-14-7
312 pages, 122 illustrations


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  • ANIMATE EARTH by Stephan Harding

    22 April 2009 | Min. 3:51

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