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Equilibrio & Gusto


Equilibrio E Gusto Big 

• it contains only balanced recipes, with low calories and created to have functional properties that are useful for our health;

• all the recipes have been tried at the company canteen at Aboca;
• for extra practicality, it can be kept open for consultation on your kitchen counter top, thanks to its patented self-supporting bookrest;
• if your book gets dirty while you cook, all you need to clean it is a damp sponge. Your book will always be clean!

Today food is increasingly considered not only mere as containers of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, but also, in the particular case of fruit and vegetables, of other important functional substances, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, sulphur compounds etc. To sum things up, these are the substances that give our food colour, flavour and smell.
The protective and, in general, healthy function one usually associates to a diet rich in fruits and vegetable is largely subject to these particular natural compounds, as we now know.

For this reason, Aboca and AIDAP have worked together to create an innovative recipe book with recipes characterised not only by low calories, but also by a high content of healthy elements, thanks to their content of vegetables, legumes and fruits.

AIDAP (Associazione Italiana Disturbi dell'Alimentazione e del Peso, the Italian Association of Food and Weight Disorders) is a medical-scientific society acknowledged by FISM.
Its purpose is to share a certain type of knowledge and culture for the prevention, education, treatment and research of eating disorders and obesity.
AIDAP has been acknowledged as partner of the Ministry of Public Education for the promotion of the national plan for the prevention of physical, psychological and social discomfort at school. As such, AIDAP plays a significant role in the prevention and education regarding eating disorders and obesity in schools.



Dimensions cm 18 x 18
ISBN 978-88-95642-62-8
Pages 72
Illustrations 60


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    28 May 2012 | Min. 3:26

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