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Disturbi del Sonno nel Bambino

V. Murgia, A. Maidecchi, R. Pagiotti
Introduction by Franco Panizon, Professor Emeritus in Paediatrics

Sonno Bambino 250This book, which focuses on the most common causes of children's sleep disturbance and the consequent daytime difficulties, discusses in detail the typical aspects of the problem with the aim of recognising and diagnosing the problem at an early stage.

Of the possible solutions to diminish the severity of the problem, particular attention is paid to behavioural approaches and to the use of medicinal plants.
Its very practical treatment of the question, which does not attempt to tackle sleep medicine at a specialist level, means this book can be of use not only to paediatrics and doctors who deal with primary cures, but also all health professionals who daily find themselves having to help parents worried about the sleep problems of their children.

Vitalia Murgia, family paediatric doctor and lecturer in paediatrics at Padua University.
Anna Maidecchi, a graduate in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies.
Rita Pagiotti, lecturer in Pharmaceutical Botany at the University of Perugia.



Dimensions cm. 17 x 24
Paperback with shiny plastic cover
ISBN 978-88-95642-18-5
pp. 225, ill. 83


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  • Disturbi del sonno nel bambino

    31 August 2011 | Min. 5:27

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