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Medichesse. La vocazione femminile alla cura

Erika Maderna

Medichesse New 250Men may have dominated the world of words, but women have wielded power over the world of things.

Women's medical vocation has a long and fascinating history that goes back to the dawn of civilization. Women have always been the custodians of the secrets of herbs and officinal plants, and are healers by nature and sensitivity.

Over the centuries female physicians have taken on different identities and aspects: witch, priestess/healer, midwife, herbalist, nun, alchemist, recipe writer.
Women's practices long juxtaposed the science of men, the repositories of the culture of books and academies, and were characterized by an empirical approach and the expression of ancient wisdom handed down from generation to generation.
The application of legitimate medicine was paralleled by more mysterious knowledge: that of the forbidden customs of contraception and abortion, tied to the magic of love potions and fertility spells.

In the pages of this book, readers will be surprised to discover that the science of medicine was above all a stronghold of women's freedom of expression. In a certain sense, it represents an anomaly of history.

The book targets enthusiasts of women's history and those who want to learn more about it, as well as anyone interested in taking a closer look at the relationship between women and healing, and this particular aspect of the history of medicine and natural treatments. Thanks to its simple and easy-to-understand writing style, the book appeals to a broad readership.

Erika Maderna, who graduated from the University of Pavia with a degree in Etruscan Studies and Italian Archaeology, writes and translates articles and essays on classical culture and archaeology. In previous publications she investigated the subject of cosmetics among ancient Mediterranean civilizations.



Format 17 x 24 cm
Paperback binding
Soft cover with flaps
ISBN 978-88-95642-80-2
144 pages, 45 illustrations
Reprint 2016


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