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Il mio orto tra cielo e terra

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Climate change and environmental disasters are already happening. The health of our planet and those who live on it is sorely tested every day. Nowhere on earth, however remote or protected, can be considered truly safe from pollution and impoverishment of resources. A major cause of this problematic situation is the widespread use of “unsustainable” agriculture based on fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases, on highly invasive farming techniques, which inevitably lead to soil erosion, desertification and, in the long term, loss of biodiversity, and on a transport, packaging and marketing system which wastes both energy and materials.   

At this rate, tomorrow’s world seems doomed to inherit irreversible malfunctions and difficulties. So what solutions might help brighten this potentially gloomy future? 

One choice is to grow your own vegetable garden. In this book, Luca Mercalli, climatologist and acclaimed populariser, clearly and competently shows us how. This tangible, everyday action, performed with commitment and constancy, helps protect the health of the environment and those who live in it.

This book is packed with useful tips and information for anyone wishing to expand their understanding of environmental sustainability. Mercalli demonstrates how to cultivate a piece of land without using harmful chemicals and in full respect of the biosphere, showing the reader that each one of us, with the means we have available, can truly work every day, without excessive effort, to protect the planet and, above all, our own quality of life.


Luca Mercalli is a climatologist and President of the Italian Meteorological Society. He studied Agricultural Science and Agrometeorology at the University of Turin and Mountain Science at the Université de Savoie. Formerly working for the Piedmont Regional Department of Agriculture and Hydrogeological Protection, he now lectures on environmental sustainability at the Ferdinando Rossi School, University of Turin and the Trentino School of Management in Trento. He has led over 1600 talks and meetings, is editor of the magazine "Nimbus" and columnist for the newspaper "La Stampa", and is a populariser for the Italian public television and radio network, RAI. He is also a consultant for the European Commission and a member of the Turin Academy of Agriculture. His previous publications include: Che tempo che farà (Rizzoli), Viaggi nel tempo che fa (Einaudi) and Prepariamoci (Chiarelettere). He lives in Val di Susa, Italy in a solar-powered house with a rainwater collection system, vegetable garden and electric car, all with the aim of reducing his ecological footprint.



First published: 2016
Format: 12.5 x 21 cm
ISBN: 978-88-98881-20-8
128 pages
€ 12,00


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