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Le mani degli Dèi

Mitologie e simboli delle piante officinali nel mito greco

Erika Maderna

Lemanideglidei Copertina 250

Le mani degli Dèi guides us through legends, myths and archetypes associated with medicinal flowers and herbs, examining their underlying properties in the botanical code.
Within the myths, we can find the vibrant, pulsing heart of philosophy hidden among the multitude of symbols; examining these means revealing the rich network of relationships that connects everything.
The definition of "simple" guides us with an awareness that complexity can be reduced to basic elements, pure energy: medicinal plants are humble creatures in the purest etymological sense, that is, close to humus, the soil, the maternal womb from which they receive nourishment and the strength to transform themselves into medicines that offer physical and spiritual energy.
Long ago, each plant was venerated as divine and subsequently associated with a god or a goddess with whom it shared its mythical experience, because the symbolic aspect is an active part of understanding disease and the solution is easier if we know how to look for it in its archetype.
Within the secret folds of this heritage of tradition, we find extraordinary plants: aphrodisiac plants sacred to Aphrodite, plants useful for treating women's illnesses, dear to Hera and Artemis; poisons and filters prepared by wizards, Apollo's solar plants and many others. We discover that some herbs can be magical, metaphysical and even philosophical. Each one has a story to tell and some sort of mystery to share with us.


Erika Maderna is a graduate from Università di Pavia in Classical Literature. She lives in Grosseto. In 2005, she published Antichi segreti di bellezza, Aldo Sara Editore; in 2007, the first Italian translation of the treatise Sui segni celesti, by the learned Byzantine, Giovanni Lido, a curious mix of astrological and oracular literature. With Aboca Edizioni, she has published: Aromi sacri, fragranze profane. Simboli, mitologie e passioni profumatorie nel mondo antico (2009), and Medichesse. La vocazione femminile alla cura  (2012).


Dati tecnici del libro

Year of publication: 2016
Format: cm 16,5 x 24 
Exterior: Bound paperback
Cover:Soft with strips
ISBN: 978-88-98881-1-23
Pages: 208
Illustrations: 35


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Le mani degli Dèi
Le mani degli Dèi
Le mani degli Dèi
Le mani degli Dèi
Le mani degli Dèi

  • Le Mani degli Dei – Mitologie e Simboli delle piante officinali nel mito greco

    09 April 2016 | Min. 7:37

  • Erika Maderna a Pordenonelegge 2016

    22 September 2016 | Min. 2:14

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