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Mate-magica. I giochi di prestigio di Luca Pacioli (Title not available)

V. Bossi, A. Mira, F. Arlati

Matemagica 250Mate-Magica is a book devoted to those who want to amaze people – and be amazed – by ancient games drawn from the popular tradition and train their imagination with educational, entertaining and intriguing puzzles.

The pages of this book will appeal to anyone who loves card, coin and dice tricks, and want to discover how the "power" and magic of numbers is concealed in their games.

The aim of the book is to introduce readers to the thrill of the mysterious and enticing world of Mate-Magìa – Mathe-magic – rediscovered in ancient treatises and proposed in an extraordinarily modern way.

The authors take us back to the fascinating atmosphere of the late fifteenth century, presenting the brilliant monk Luca Pacioli and rediscovering his manuscript, De viribus quantitatis. They lead us through a thought-provoking alternation between reasoning and surprise, as our hands learn to repeat games of skill.

Fascinating trivia and fun with numbers help readers learn the skills they need to solve tough mathematical brainteasers and entertain people with divination. The striking illustrations, from period manuscripts, add to the intense and captivating enjoyment of a unique work.

Vanni Bossi, a well-known illusionist and historian of prestidigitation, captivated his audiences with his art and humanity. President of the Club di Arte Magica of Milan, and a bibliophile, collector and creator of magic effects, his thirst for knowledge inspired generations of budding magicians.

Antonietta Mira is professor of Statistics at the Università della Svizzera Italiana and the Università dell'Insubria. She studied Economics in Pavia and specialized in Statistics and Mathematics in Minneapolis. Her passion for scientific research, talent as an educator and fascination with sleight of hand, enhanced and renewed by her friendship with Vanni, forcefully emerge in this book, conveying her love for magic tricks based on mathematical principles.

Francesco Arlati graduated with a degree in Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano and works for the ENEL power company as a project manager. He spent a great deal of time with his friend Vanni, his mentor in the psychology and origins of the art of magic.

L'aura nella quale il libro ci avvolge è misteriosa e chiarissima al tempo stesso.
Un'autentica avventura intellettuale.

(Furio Honsell)



17 x 24 cm.
Paperback binding
Soft cover with flaps
ISBN 978-88-95642-73-4
112 pages, 43 illustrations


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(Title not available)

  • Mate-Magica. I giochi di prestigio di Luca Pacioli

    10 July 2012 | Min. 3:21

  • Prof. Antonietta Mira al Dies Academicus 2012

    26 June 2012 | Min. 22:15

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