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Il Duomo di Sansepolcro 1012


Duomo Sansepolcro 250

This volume is the first great publishing enterprise on the Duomo of Sansepolcro and its millenarian history. Thanks to a thorough document research, the book describes the various historical and artistic anecdotes about the building, beginning from the very ancient hospice of San Leonardo at Noceti. 

The hospice was the initial building, around which other lodgings were built, chosen by the Benedictines to construct a monastery for Relics, according to tradition, which tells that two peregrines, Egidio and Arcadio, stopped at a valley with lush walnut trees on their way home from Christian places, and there they founded an oratory.
The history of the current duomo is illustrated by various moments, from when the ancient Benedictine abbey changed hands to the Camaldolese monks, from the interventions of abbot Graziani, its promotion to a cathedral, the 16th-century works ordered by bishop Niccolò Tornaboni, up until 19th- and 20th-century restorations. 

The volume consists of two parts.  The first part is a collection of contributions that developed a very thorough and updated research on the architectural structures, including the construction or destruction of altars, on decorative paintings, including those that are still visible and those that have been transferred to other places or even mentioned in sources but never located, on gold smithery, manuscripts, vestments, cults and liturgies related to the single voices of devotion, including the important events of the Holy Face, which was moved to the duomo in 1770 by Saint Augustine.

The second part of the volume is equally interesting. It is a catalogue of the works still present in the church, and has the purpose of offering visitors a guide that is easy to consult. Each information sheet contains unprecedented information, anecdotes and curiosities.

The volume consists of:

• Foreword, Archbishop Riccardo Fontana
• Foreword, Parish Priest Don Alberto Gallorini
• Introduction, Liletta Fornasari
• Some historical events: documents and gleanings, Franco Polcri
• The Church of San Giovanni Evangelista, from Abbey to the Cathedral of Sansepolcro: construction events from its origins to 1770, Anna Pincelli
• The Holy Face in the Cathedral: an occasion for new restoration works. Interventions from 1770 to the 20th century, Luca Brandini, Giuseppe Alberto Centauro, Alessandra Fusi
• The Cathedral of Sansepolcro in the 15th century: altars, patronage, works of art, by Andrea Di Lorenzo, Cecilia Martelli, Matteo Mazzalupi
• Decorative works through a thousand years: traces of what is no longer preserved in loco. Hypothesis and findings. Liletta Fornasari
• The Holy Face, Paola Refice
• Written testimonies, Caterina Tristano
• One thousand years of faith told by the art of gold smithery, Silvia Pichi
• From the wardrobe to the sacristy:  the textile "treasure" through archive documentation, Lorenzo Pesci
• Devotion and liturgy: cult history, Franca Guerrini
• Catalogue of works visible inside the church, Liletta Fornasari
• Document appendix
• Bibliography
• Index of names, cured by Laura Amerighi



Format cm 24 x 28,5
Paperback binding
Soft cover with flaps
ISBN 978-88-95642-86-4
312 pages, 180 Illustrations


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