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Il giardino di Dio

The Franciscan harmony of nature
Alessandro Menghini

Giardino Di Dio 250The Garden of God, or Creation, according to the Franciscan concept of Nature, is beauty, splendour and harmony, with no limit to perfection.

The images of this book allow readers to discover the charm and equilibrium of plants: rare, unusual images of vegetation that almost appear to be stolen, lost in time, accompanied by the long history of this living wonder in its various forms, adaptations and biological strategies, in keeping with the Franciscan sentiment that is something more than passion, it is a Love of Life.

The Garden of God helps to discover the divine magnificence that lies inside the flower, a small garden that represents the foundation of the immense garden of Nature.

If you want to, you can hear and understand plants and speak their language, just like friar Francis did. This ability came from his love of plants, and with love he included them in his praises to the Lord. After all, the Canticles of the Creatures is a prayer and a sign of thanks and laud at the same time. Plants and animals are guests in the great Garden of God that this book wants us to learn more about, a place we are also part of.

The book speaks through images, to be read with the innocent eyes of St. Francis, and even more so, with a big heart.

Alessandro Menghini is a full professor of Pharmaceutical Botany at the University of Perugia. A pharmaceutical history scholar, he has edited the following publications for Aboca Edizioni: Il Giardino dello Spirito ("The Garden of the Spirit"), La Verna Spezieria e Speziali ("La Verna: Pharmacy and Pharmacists"), De historia stirpium by L. Fuchs, Hortus eystettensis by B. Besler, Thesaurus pauperum by P. Hispano, and the Medieval Arab herbal Kitâb al-Dyriâq.

Fra' Ginepro (Sante Giacomelli), was a holy man of the Order of Friars Minor and a naturalist, botanist, zoologist and avid lover of photography and science. He saw Creation with the same eyes of St. Francis and knew how to capture the essence of harmony and beauty in plants.

A tribute to life that, through splendid images, shows just how great the power and wisdom of the Almighty is.
Looking at nature with the eyes of St. Francis means following, like he did, in the footprints of the Creator or to see, in a blooming flower, the elegant and luminous splendour of Creation, the most beautiful moment in which life manifests itself as love, a love of God and all of His creatures.

For each book sold, Aboca will contribute 3 euros to FAI, the Italian Environmental Foundation, to restore and redevelop the St. Francis Forest of Assisi.



Dimensions 21 x 29 cm
Soft cover with flaps
ISBN 978-88-95642-44-4
322 Pages, 283 Illustrations


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  • Il Giardino di Dio

    27 February 2011 | Min. 9:52

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