Plant hunters

Sunday 25 March 2018

Plant hunters

To celebrate the arrival of spring and to usher in the rebirth of herbs and flowers, the rooms of the Aboca Museum will be filled with tales of the adventures of botanists, travellers and those who sought the local and exotic plants which have graced the gardens and herbaria of Europe over the centuries: from Albertus Magnus to Carl von Linné, with a particular focus on the writings and illustrations which constitute the cultural heritage contained within the books and botanical iconography exhibited in the Museum.

After the tour of the exhibition is complete, the doors to experimentation will be thrown wide open in the museum's herbalist laboratory, where visitors will be invited to try their hand in a laboratory of natural colours, extracting vibrant hues from various parts of the plants to create dyes used to add colour to botanical images.

Subsequently, guests can take a journey through the world of urban botany, discovering the tenacious, hardy herbs that grow in the walls of houses or between the cracks in the pavement and which have hidden healing properties.

COST: 17€ per adult - 12€ for children aged 6 and above