The flavour of colour

On the occasion of the events celebrating "Settembre Biturgense", the month of Sansepolcro

Saturday 8 September 2018

The plant pigments in the essences on display in the beautifully decorated rooms of the Aboca Museum reveal how dyes were extracted from various herbs with medicinal properties and used to add flashes of colour to everyday life before the arrival of chemical dyes, paying tribute to the combinations of colours used by renowned Sansepolcro artist Piero della Francesca.

After the tour of the exhibition is complete, the doors to experimentation will be thrown wide open in Aboca's herbalist laboratory, where visitors will be invited to try their hand in a laboratory of natural colours , extracting vibrant hues from various parts of the plants to create dyes used to add colour to botanical images.

From 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. at Aboca Museum



COST: 12€ per adult - 7€ for children aged 6 and above