Aboca Experience

Percorso interattivo


A new museum space that was inspired by Aboca's desire to tell its story, explain its values, describe its everyday work and propose its vision for health and life.

Through an interactive tour, the visitor is taken into this world, enjoying a 360° experience of a visit to the company: from its organic cultivations to its laboratories and production plants, its cultural events and publications to research, the very heart of Aboca that intersects and connects all the phases of its work.

Touch panels, sound experiences and digital animations; in the Aboca Experience, visitors can interact directly with all the installations. This can be done, for example, by animating the timeline on Aboca's historical milestones, activating the sensors that allow visitors to discover the properties of medicinal plants, or immersing themselves in the language of nature through Aboca’s scientific research. The tour ends with an invitation to the visitor: by leaving your message, you can contribute to the growth of an exciting "plant installation", thus reasserting the connection between humans and the living system.

Art Direction, Exhibition e Interaction Design by Dotdotdot