DODOENS Rembert (Dodoneus) - Holland - 1517 - 1585

DODOENS Rembert (Dodoneus) Born in Mucheln, Dodeons obtained his degree in medicine, practicing the profession with excellent results and earning himself the title of the "Dutch Theophrastus". Much esteemed for his botanical knowledge, which helped him to improve the quality of remedies, he had a genus "Dodonea" dedicated to him by the scholar Plumier. He practiced in Vienna and spent the last years of his life in Leiden, teaching passionately at the local university.

Main work: Purgantium aliarium, Anversa, Plantin 1574.

Botanical interests: In his important work Cruydeboeck, Dodoens organizes his classification by grouping plants according to their various characteristics ("species, form, name, virtue, temperament"), leaving to the side the usual alphabetical ordering. Frequent contacts with the botanist Clusius allowed him to exchange opinions and use the same wood engravings for his images with good results. Competent in his treatment of subjects pertaining to practical agricultural production, he becomes the forefather of Dutch horticulture. His principal works are: Cruydeboeck (1557), Purgantium aliarum eo facentium...(1574), De frugum historia (1522), De stirpium historia (1522).