PLINIUS Caius Secundus - Italy - Italia 23 - 79 d.c.

PLINIUS Caius Secundus The affluence of Pliny’s family permitted him to study in Rome and to embark on a military career, cultivating both humanistic and scieHis very attachment to duty and scientific curiosity brings him to his death in Stabia, where he was buried by the detritus of Vesuvius in the days of the terrible eruption that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Main work: Historia Naturalis, tradotta da Landino, Ballandino, Venezia, 1534

Botanical interests: His collection took the name Historia Naturalis (1534) and will be for at least 10 centuries the principal referent for studies in all fields. The work’s value is that it is a true systematic encyclopedia, extremely educative and informative. It is composed of 37 books ordered as follows: the first book with a list of works consulted, five books on geography and cosmography, one on anthropology, four on zoology, eight on botany and plant pharmacology, five on various arguments, among which painting, ancient art, numerology, metallurgy.