POMET Pierre - France - 1658 - 1699

POMET Pierre The son of Parisian merchants, Pomet had contact with the market of medicinals from his earliest childhood. His subsequent travels in Italy, England, Germany and Holland always had the aim of acquiring more knowledge about medicinals. When he returned to France he opened a well-supplied warehouse of medicinals. He enjoyed the esteem of the best physicians of his time, and likewise his son, who will be asked to direct the hospital pharmacies of Paris.

Main work: Histoire générale des drogues, Parigi, Loyson - Pillon - Ducastin, 1694.

Botanical interests: His passion as a researcher provided him with so much experience and knowledge in the field of botany that he was often invited to hold lessons at the Jardin des plantes. His principal work, Histoire general des drogues (1694), is, for the 18th century, a fundamental and complete treatise on medicinals, translated into German and English and widely distributed throughout Europe. This publication was also famed for the singular copper engravings that not only depict plants, but also scenes from real life.