WAGNER Daniel - Hungary - 1800

WAGNER Daniel Daniel Wagner senior was born in Breznobanya in 1800. He studied natural sciences at the University of Vienna where he obtained a doctorate in chemistry. He dedicated himself to botany and pharmacy, establishing himself in Presburg and then in Pest. There he established a medicinal and chemical substances factory and published important manuals on the subject, in addition to works related to mineral waters and natural Hungarian products.

Main work: Pharmaceutisch-medicinische Botanik (1828).

Botanical interests: Wagner’s interest in botany led him to write a work that is the synthesis of profound knowledge: "Pharmaceutisch-medicinische Botanik. A description and illustration of Austrian pharmacopoeia from 1820, presenting medicinal plants with pharmaceutical, medical, historical and chemical references, with particular emphasis on the medical value of the plants. With drawn and colored illustrations, remaining faithful to the original plants." The work came out in 1828/29 in Vienna in 21 installments with 250 outstanding color lithographic plates, the work of Strenzel. Perfect from the phytographic and scientific points of view, the plates are also artistic masterpieces because of their exquisite colors. Among his principal works are: Pharmaceutisch-medicinische Botanik, Dissertatio inauguralis chemica de radicali potasse, Selectus medicaminum..., Magyarorszagnak... Palyamunka