D'ACQUAPENDENTE Fabrizio Gerolamo - Italy - 1537-1611

D'ACQUAPENDENTE Fabrizio Gerolamo Born in 1537 in Acquapendente, a little Italian town near Orvieto. He studied medicine at the University of Padua, where he also started his career as professor. He was appointed to replace one of his colleagues, the esteemed surgeon Gabriel Falloppius who had died very young, and pursue his studies of anatomy. Like his predecessor, he had his own laboratory where he could study anatomy and commit himself to writing a very important scientific work, the Opera Omnia Anatomica et Phisiologica. His works on physiology and embryology include a series of wonderful copper plates, realised with incredible accuracy. These works are the De formato fetu, a study on the development of human and animal embryos, the De venarum ostiolis and the Opera chirurgica, which represent a fundamental step in the history of anatomy. Other important works of Fabrizio d’Acquapendente are the Pentatheucum chirurgicum (1592), which includes an image of the "orthopaedic machine", a special iron prosthesis, the De visione voce et auditu and the De motu locali animalium.

Main work:

Botanical interests: The works of Fabrizio d’Acquapendente do not show a particular interest for the vegetable kingdom.