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11 September 2015
"Naked plants"
"Naked plants" - Sinagoga Norsa, Mantova
16 September 2015
"Ritorno alle radici"
"Ritorno alle radici" - Palazzo Montereale Mantica, Pordenone
20 September 2015
"Naked plants" - PN
"Naked plants" - Palazzo della Provincia, Pordenone
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Herbs and Health over the Centuries

Aboca Museum, the original and the only Herb Museum, has rediscovered the history of the millenary relationship between Man and Herbs and is passing it down to future generations.

Aboca Museum, thanks to the Herbs and Health Over the Centuries museum path at the prestigious Renaissance residence of Sansepolcro, communicates the ancient tradition of Medicinal Herbs through historic sources.

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  • Medichesse
  • De materia medica
    De materia medica
  • Essential oil burner: Solanum
    Essential oil burner: Solanum
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    Flower Months 2016

Aboca Editions

Aboca Editions priority objective is to spread botanical-medical knowledge. Aboca Museum publishes facsimiles and anastatic reprints of valuable ancient works with a limited number of copies, each of which comes with a certificate of guarantee.

Particular interest is dedicated to the re-publishing of works written by illustrious figures of the Valtiberina area of Tuscany, reinforcing the tie between the company and its territory.

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The educational section of Aboca Museum

The educational section of Aboca Museum has set itself the goal of spreading knowledge and understanding of its heritage in a multi-disciplinary manner.

By following the itineraries inside the museum, primary- and secondary-school pupils are exposed to a broader and more diversified explanation of the millenary relationship between man and medicinal plants.

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Catalogo Aboca Edizioni


The Aboca Museum's Bibliotheca Antiqua

The Aboca Museum's Bibliotheca Antiqua is a remarkable collection of valuable old books dealing specifically with the subject of the use of medicinal plants over the ages. 

In the past, the illustrations in herbals were essential to enable identification of the plant species. With the passage of time these illustrations have become valuable works of art, enriching each treatise with colour and beauty, and bearing witness to the evolution of phytographic techniques.

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