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Privacy policy


In conformity with article 13 of Legislative Decree 196 of 30 May 2003: “The protection of personal data”, as controller of the domain www.abocamuseum.it, Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola, with office at Loc. Aboca 20, Sansepolcro 52037 (AR) – Arezzo, Italy, is required to inform the site’s users (regardless of the users’ purposes of connecting to the site) about the site’s treatment of personal data, including in the event of a purchase being made at the area’s E. Shop.

This document is the website’s “Privacy Policy” (subject to alteration at any time). 
With regard to the obligatory information in question:
Treatment: any operation or set of operations, also performed without the aid of electronic equipment, concerning the collection, recording, organisation, conservation, consultation, processing, modification, selection,
extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blockage, communication, diffusion, cancellation or destruction of data, even if not recorded in a databank;
Personal data: any information relating to physical or legal persons, institution or association, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by means of referral to other information, including a number of personal identification;
Identifying data: personal data that allow an individual to be identified;
Almost sensitive data: personal data different from sensitive or legal data, the treatment of which may entail specific risks to the fundamental liberties, rights and dignity of the individual in question, in relation to the nature of the data or the methods of treatment or the effects they may prompt;
Sensitive data: personal data that may reveal an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other type of beliefs, political opinions, adhesion to parties, trades unions, associations or organisations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, plus personal data that reveal an individual’s state of health and sexual life;
Anonymous data: data that either originally or after treatment can be associated with an identified or identifiable individual;
Data controller: the physical or legal person, public administration or any other type of institution, association or organisation that contributes to the decisions affecting the methods used for the treatment of personal data, including their security profile;
Data supervisor: the physical or legal person, public administration or any other type of institution, association or organisation charged with treatment of the data by the controller;
Individual: the physical or legal person, public administration or association whose personal data are in question;
Person in charge of the processing: the physical person authorised to perform data treatments by the data controller or supervisor;
www.abocamuseum.it domain: the domain, accessible through the World Wide Web on the internet, at the address http.//www.aboca.it, constituted by the data, applications, technological resources, human resources, organisational rules and procedures having the aim of acquiring, storing, processing, exchanging, finding or transmitting information;
Data gathering points: the areas inside the domain www.abocamuseum.it where personal data are collected;
Newsletter: a promotional communication, a computer-based periodical:
User: any individual accessing the domain www.abocamuseum.it for any purpose. 


(I. A). – The following information is or may be considered personal data: Name; Surname; Age; Sex; Profession; Educational qualifications; Address; City; Province; Electronic mail address; Telephone number; Mobile telephone number; Postcode; Fax number; Bank account codes – The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of electronic mail to the addresses shown on this site implies the successive acquisition of the email address of the sender, which is necessary to be able to reply to requests, but also of any other personal information included in the message received. Specific information will be repeated or displayed in pages of the site in relation to particular services available on request. In each case where it is required by law, the user will be asked to agree to the processing of his or her personal data.

(I. B). Also processed will be the IP number and type of browser used for the connection to the domain www.abocamuseum.it (non-identifying data), which will be stored automatically by logical protection files and files that control access to the domain (Log Files). These data will be used exclusively for purposes of the control of network traffic wishing to access the domain www.abocamuseum.it. These data are not gathered for reasons of identification but by their very nature allow users to be identified if treated in association with data held by third parties. These data are used only for purposes of anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to control its correct operation. They are immediately erased after the said data have been treated. The data might be used for purposes of identification in the event of a computer-based crime perpetrated on the site: with this exception, web contact data are not retained for more than seven days.

(I.C). – The data resulting from users’ visits to the pages of the domain www.abocamuseum.it are treated by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola in form of files. Using these methods (which allow Aboca Museum to know users’ navigation preferences and check the areas of the site visited previously by users) Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola is able to customise its services to the requirements of individual users without making unnecessary recordings. (A cookie is a series of data that a website sends to the browser. The data can also be stored in the computer by means of an anonymous tag that identifies the computer but not the user. Several pages on the domain www.abocamuseum.it make use of cookies sent by third parties, and other technologies to provide a better service of web navigation. It is possible to set a browser to receive a warning before reception of cookies, thus offering the user the possibility of refusing them. It is also possible to disable cookies completely. However, if cookies are disabled, some sites may not function correctly).

(I.D). – In the event that the domain www.abocamuseum.it is responsible for collecting personal data that fall within the definitions given in article 4, letter d) of Legislative Decree 196/2003, users will be informed beforehand and asked to provide – in conformity with legal requirements – their written permission.


(II.A). – Personal data will be processed within the necessary time for: 1. - managing the connection with Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola; 2. – aims strictly connected with and instrumental to managing the aforementioned connection (e.g., acquisition of precontractual information and to permit services and operations to be executed as contractually agreed); 3. – for purposes of analysis of the information acquired in order to propose goods and services considered to be of interest to the user via newsletters and/or promotional information services; 4. – purposes concerned with controlling relations with the clientele and credit and fraud risks linked to the services offered by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola; 5. – purposes connected with legal obligations and instructions received from the authorities or supervisory bodies; 6. – to conform with legal requirements. 7. – to comply with requests by the user or to allow purchases to be made of products on sale in the area shop.


(III. A). – In relation to the purposes described, the data provided by users online through the compilation of forms on the domain www.abocamuseum.it will be treated in digital and paper form. They will be treated by computer-based procedures with the aim of customising the services that Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola offers.

(III. B). – The data will be treated in a manner that will ensure their logical security, physical safety and confidentiality. This may be done manually, digitally or online and will have the purpose of storing, transmitting and sharing the data.

(III. C). – The procedures used to treat the data will be strictly connected with the purposes described, in particular users’ personal data, which may be subjected to all the treatments described in article 4, letter a) of the Civil Code, will be stored and/or processed using computer-based procedures and treated: - by companies responsible for the above activities (and related obligations), or charged to perform such procedures for the maintenance and/or execution and/or conclusion of the relationship created with individual users; - by physical or legal persons who, contractually bound with Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola, provide specific processing services or connected activities instrumental to or in support of those provided by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola.

(III D). – If the Purchaser chooses to pay via credit card, he shall provide his identification data, his credit card number and its expiry date for the order to take place. The confidentiality of the purchaser’s personal and bank data shall be protected by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola, which does not store the data related to the credit card. The transactions are fully secure due to the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and occur using the technology provided by Banca Sella or SSB, thus all data in question are fully encrypted and are not legible during the process. 


(IV. A). – Users’ data may be passed – with the prior consent of each user – to third parties, such as: 1. – banks charged with directing the payments in conformity with the procedures agreed; 2. – insurance institutes for the definition, if necessary, of damage compensation practices; - 3. organisations authorised to carry out duties as required by law; 4. – companies belonging to the group Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola, in order to improve the quality of the services that Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola offers; 5. – physical or legal persons who, contractually bound with Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola, provide specific data processing services or connected activities instrumental to or in support of those performed by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola.

(IV. B). – The domain www.abocamuseum.it contains hypertext links that provide communication to other domains. Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola cannot be held responsible for any violation of privacy executed by these sites.


(V. A). – The provision of the data – with the exception of the information indicated by an asterisk, which is required and obligatory for the purchase of products offered on the site www.abocamusem.it to be fulfilled – is not obligatory by law but is indispensable for the correct execution of the precontractual or contractual obligations, and in general for fulfilment of all the legal requirements. A refusal to provide personal data or to give permission for such data to be treated or sent to the third parties listed in paragraph IV A will create difficulties in the execution of the contractual relations between the company and the user, as well as the ability to benefit from the company’s connected services.


(VI. A). – Users are informed that articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Civil Code – whose full text can be read attached – confers specific rights on users. In particular, users can ask Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola for confirmation of the existence or absence of personal data, and, in the case of their existence, for the company to make these data available in an intelligible form. Users may also ask the company to provide confirmation of the origin of the data as well as the purposes for which they were treated. Where the law permits, users may also request for their personal data to be erased or transformed into an anonymous form, or for any data processed in violation of the law to be blocked. Also data may be asked to be updated, corrected or added to. Finally, in the event of a legitimate reason, users also have the right to oppose their personal data from being treated.


(VII. A). – The data controller responsible for the treatment of the data is Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola, with office in Loc. Aboca 20, Sansepolcro 52037 (AR) – Arezzo (Italy). The list of external companies or physical persons responsible for particular treatments is kept updated and will be sent to users upon request. It can also be seen at the offices of Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola.


(VIII. A). 
I declare that I have read and understood the contents of the information provided above, and I give my consent, as per article 23 of the Code, for my personal data to be processed by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola for the purposes described, including the sending of a newsletter and/or promotional or advertising information, including in virtual form, of goods and services offered by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola that the company considers to be of interest to me;

- I also give my consent to for my personal data to be sent to third parties belonging to the categories listed in point IV A, and I agree to inform Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola of changes to my personal data that alter over time;

- I also declare that I have provided (or that I will provide) the information as per article 13 of the Civil Code...; and to have obtained, if necessary, their consent to the data’s communication and treatment.


(IX. A). – Users are able at any moment to revoke their consent to the treatment of their personal data by activating the REVOKE procedure.


(X. A). – This website is managed directly by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola, the data controller responsible for the treatment of the data, with office in Loc. Aboca 20, 52037 Sansepolcro (AR). The data supervisor is Sig. Dott. Valentino Mercati. 


(XI. A). – Users who have questions to ask or wish to have further information on the treatment of their personal data, or to exercise the rights described in paragraph VI, may send an email to the website administrator (at privacy@abocamuseum.it). The same address may be used for questions regarding management of the data by Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola. Before Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola can supply or modify any information, it will be necessary to check the identity of the enquirer. All enquiries will be answered as quickly as possible. For questions regarding site privacy, Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola can be contacted directly.

Sansepolcro, 15.06.2009




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