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Cartella con 12 stampe da collezione "De Historia Stirpium"

De Historia Copertina

The twelve tables contained in this folder have been taken from De historia stirpium by Leonhart Fuchs, the most complete and innovative printed herbarium from the German Renaissance botanical school, published in Latin in 1542 and conserved at the Bibliotheca Antiqua in the Aboca Museum.

These accurate wood engravings indicate an important step forwards in herbal representation and are the fruit of close interaction between Fuchs and three famous artists entrusted by the botanist with the task of drawing plants from life and transfering the result onto the wooden matrix.

Each plant, reproduced down to the finest details, is rendered even more recognisable due to the accurate rendition of roots. The colours used are mostly green (from plants or vegetable resins), brown and ochre yellow (of mineral origin), and crimson (of animal origin, such as the murex).

The 12 medicinal plants selected here are representative of the sheer richness of this work: some had been recently introduced from America, the new continent rich in natural marvels, and others, renowned for centuries, from the Middle East or old Europe.

The 12 prints are contained in a white hardback artificial-leather bound folder. The prints are separated with tissue-paper dividers and held in a laminated wooden frame inside the back cover, with a ribbon for easy removal. 

Dimensions cm 25x35


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