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Aboca Museum is part of a large project of cultural communication instigated by ABOCA, a leading company in the production and transformation of medicinal plants. "Herbs and health over the centuries" introduces the visitor to the rediscovery of the ancient tradition of herbalism through the principal sources of furniture and related accessories: rare herbariums, ancient books on botanical medicine, skilfully made mortars, sinuous distillation equipment, artistic ceramics and glassware, and items of furniture from apothecaries' shops.

Mythology, magic, religion, philosophy, literature, alchemy, tradition, and also science are fields in which intellectual speculation celebrates the "gift" of health-giving plants. Browsing the history of the use of herbs is a chance to rediscover the roots of the millenary relationship between man and curative plants. It covers such topics as the progressive diversification between popular preparation of medicinal herbs and the official pharmacopea, between official and traditional medicines, between handmade drugs using natural products and their chemical equivalents. The visitor is given all the information to be able to understand the critical nature of the situation today.

The heart of Aboca Museum is the study centre, whose responsibilities cover communications, information and historical and bibliographical research into all aspects linked to the world of medicinal herbs. The study centre has at its disposition the contents of the Bibliotheca Antiqua, a thousand or so printed volumes published between the sixteenth and the early twentieth centuries, the subject of all of which is the therapeutic value of plants and the safeguarding of health.




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