A valuable collection of books connected by the theme of medicinal plants.

The Bibliotheca Antiqua is the soul of Aboca’s historical-scientific research. Situated on the third floor of the Palazzo Bourbon del Monte, it is a chest full of unparalleled treasures.

In the pages of the 2,500 ancient volumes, you read about medicinal plants, pharmacology, chemistry, medicine, and the development of man’s knowledge of the healing use of plants is documented.

The most important of these works are the herbals, which were already indispensable in ancient times for the identification of plant species and for the description of their qualities. The people involved in the making of an ancient herbal were the illustrator, the engraver and the writer, who collaborated together to honour and serve medicine through art.

The Aboca Museum Study Centre is supported by a staff expert in botany, pharmacy, medicine, art and bibliography who, in collaboration with a number of Universities, are dedicated to the research of the historical-scientific use and properties of plants.

The Bibliotheca Antiqua may be consulted by prior appointment and for academic purposes only.