Welcome to the Aboca Museum

The museum welcomes you with a delicate perfume of herbs and medicinal plants.

Immediately immersed in the museum’s precious collection thanks to the window display, which presents the kind of ancient finds that enrich the tour. From there the historical-philosophical programme begins, with introductory panels examining the origin of the age-old relationship between humans and medicinal plants in prehistory, those very plants that fill the ancient mortars at the entrance and in various parts of the museum.

Climbing the stairs, the fresco of Atlas who rules the world paves your way on a scientific, historical and sensorial journey narrating the ancient tradition of medicinal herbs and their use.

Along the stairwell hang valuable collections of botanical illustration plates taken from the herbals preserved in the Bibliotheca Antiqua of the Aboca Museum. An integral part of the furnishings on the museum tour are the "herb rugs" with depictions of symbolic plants and flowers.